BCBGeneration – Henaya Pointed Toe Pump

Hey Ladies!! This week’s high heel has such a vintage charm that it would make Lucille Ball jealous. Couldn’t you totally see her wearing these? They definitely have a 1950’s allure to them, don’t they? I loved the style of these shoes and the soft, blue suede would make anyone swoon. Being a huge BCBG fan, I wanted so badly for these to be a winner, but there were definitely some design flaws!

While the little knot on the slingback heel is adorable, it definitely digs into the back of the heel. There is not enough elastic to take into account the space that the knot takes up and I found myself having to shove my foot in and stretch the strap to the max only for an overly snug fit. The unfortunate part about it is that my feet fit perfectly (my heel wasn’t hanging over the back), but because the strap was so tight, it hurt to walk in these after just a few minutes. If I were to get the next size up, they’d be too big and I’d assume the strap would be too loose as well. You can also see from this picture that the suede material used seems to wear down rather quickly (see the curve around the ball of the foot and the top of the heel). I had just got these and had only wore them a couple of times and already it is showing signs of wear. Now I know we need to treat suede material, but you’d think a pair of heels that cost $110 would still look new after the first couple of wears.

There is a little bit of padding in the ball of the foot to try and offset the pain of the 4 inch heel, but you won’t even be focused on that pain because the heel strap will be digging it’s claws in. 😫 As you can see, per usual, there is no tread or grip on the bottom of the heel so it made walking on smooth surfaces a little treacherous, but you won’t have to worry about the shoe coming off since that back strap has the jaws of life on your heel. 😂 Are you starting to get how frustrated I am with that?

Overall Rating

While these heels looking as charming as ever, they definitely do not feel like a charm. Between the overly tight heel strap, the limited padding in the ball of the foot that does not offset the pain caused by the heel height, and the crappy suede material, I can’t give these heels a great rating. With that said, I would give these an 8 on the pain scale (10 being you’d rather risk sepsis walking through the streets of NY barefoot than go another minute in the high heels you have on). BCBGeneration was definitely on to something with the style here, going back to an iconic time in women’s fashion, but there were definitely some missteps here that didn’t allow them to live up their potential. If I were you, I’d skip out on these and find something much more tolerable.

What Do You Want To See Reviewed?

Whether your an avid high heel lover/buyer or rarely buy high heels at all, I plan to continue the search for the best possible high heel that won’t break the bank, but also provide lasting comfort and style. Even if it’s just for that next event you plan to go to, I’d love to hear what you want to see rated or if you have heard of that next “big thing” in high heel comfort. Until next time, keep your heels high and never settle for less than you deserve!

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