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Confession time: while I do try out all the shoes I write about (of course), there are very few that I actually buy and keep. Normally I do a “trial run” to see how they feel and look and then return them if they aren’t up to my standards or they don’t have something special about them. That being said, these heels spoke to me from the moment I laid eyes on them. Now it could be that I do not yet have this beautiful shade of red heel, but the overall look and the smooth suede material made me want them. Does that sound familiar? You’re passing by the shoes at a department store like Nordstroms and you see a pair of heels that catch your eye, so you HAVE to try them on, right? Because let’s be real, these are the type of heels that get noticed almost immediately when you walk in a room and can make almost any outfit pop. Plus, I feel like this shade of red is hard to come by and/or I just don’t see it very often. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much where the compliments stop…

In any case, I did end up buying these, but let me emphasis that it was mainly because of the great color and suede material. These heels are rather high, coming in at about 4 inches, and with how long the shelter-in-place has been going on, I haven’t had the need to wear heels this high out-and-about. So when I first slipped these on, it almost felt like walking in stilts. Not even 5 minutes later, I could really start feeling the pressure in the balls of my feet. While I loved how these look and knew I wanted to keep them, I immediately accepted the fact that these were the type of heels that would be worn only to that meeting or dinner party where I knew I’d be sitting most of the time. How many pairs of heels do you have gathering dust in your closet due to the same reason? Almost all? Same here!

The one other compliment I can give these is that I do like the point of the toe because it feels a little longer than normal (but not to the point where it makes them hard to walk in), so there seems to be a bit more room for your toes to breathe. My toes didn’t hurt during my trial run, but again, the balls of my feet were screaming. Also, per usual, the bottom of these heels are super smooth so there is no tread when walking on slick surfaces, so be weary of that if you decide to purchase these as well. In truth, we shouldn’t have to strategically plan where we wear certain pairs of heels, but unfortunately, no one has been able to figure out how to make these more comfortable even after all the decades that have passed in women’s fashion. Maybe one day, someone will figure it out. 😉

Overall Rating

Since I can’t give points for style/color alone, I’d give these an 8 on the pain scale, with 10 being the most uncomfortable. Despite that, I still bought them based on looks alone, which I’m sure many of you have done as well. Sounds similar to what we do with dating as well, right?! 😜 As far as price, they’re $150 which is on the pricey end, but I’m banking on all the compliments I’ll get while wearing them; a girl’s gotta live for the compliments. 🥰 I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest pet peeves with uncomfortable heels is when they either rub my toes or back of the heel too much and the pain from that makes them almost impossible to walk in. I feel that we accept the fact that the balls of our feet will hurt, but heels that rub the skin raw is out of the question! Whether or not you buy these shoes or decide they are not worth the price, I hope you find that these reviews make your high heel purchase choices easier.

What Do You Want To See Reviewed?

Whether your an avid high heel lover/buyer or rarely buy high heels at all, I plan to continue the search for the best possible high heel that won’t break the bank, but also provide lasting comfort and style. Even if it’s just for that next event you plan to go to, I’d love to hear what you want to see rated or if you have heard of that next “big thing” in high heel comfort. Until next time, keep your heels high and never settle for less than you deserve!

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