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Hello Ladies!! While I know this shelter-in-place has prevented any of us from a night on the town and you may not be looking for those next pair of heels (because where would you wear them? At home?), I have still been on the hunt for that next pair you may want to buy once we’re able to actually go out again. I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna need it! Now, whether that be a pair of heels that you wear on a dignified night out or ones that you wear as you stumble home with your friends is completely up to you, but these could be a good comfortable option! Let’s get into these, shall we!

For starters, I love the cream and black snake pattern as it can pair well with a lot of different outfits. Also, the T-strap ensures they stay on and provides a really good fit. Now, I know what you may be thinking, “who wants to deal with that little buckle on the side when it always seems impossible to find the little hole for the clasp?”. I know, it’s such a pain, especially if you’re in a rush or will have to take your shoes off and on throughout the night for some weird reason (no judgement), but that’s what makes this pair even better! Sole Society seemed to have figured out the solution to that problem by placing a zipper on the back of the heel allowing you to never have to deal with the buckle if you don’t want to! Genius, right?! I was so stoked when I realized I could deal with that buckle one time to adjust to my ankle size and then only use the zipper to get them on and off after that! I feel like all high heels with a buckle need that option now!

This pair of Sole Society heels may also be a good option for you if you’re already tall or not looking for a very high heel to begin with. These heels come to about 2 inches, but oddly, all descriptions online say they are almost 3 inches. When they’re on, these definitely feel as though there is barely a heel at all. I personally like a slightly higher heel, but the lower heel allows these to stay comfortable a little longer than others. Now again, like all the other heels I have reviewed, the material for the upper (around the top of the foot) is made from a stiff leather which means there will be rubbing and friction with the toes over time as you walk. I even noticed there was a slight squeaky noise when I walked in these as the leather rubbed against my painted toes. Definitely not an appealing sound, but I have heard that using lotions or powders on your feet prior to putting on the heels can prevent that sound.

With a small amount of tread on the bottom, I can definitely see these being worn out for a night of salsa dancing (or whatever kind of dancing you’re into) and because the heel is so low, you won’t be looking for that chair to sit down in for quite a while. Typically, these heels run about $90 a pop, but they have been on sale as of recently for $50 on multiple sites! Not a bad deal for a pair that are very versatile and relatively comfortable!

Overall Rating

Sole Society may be on to something with these heels as they’ve seemed to check almost all the boxes: the versatile pattern, T-strap, back zipper, low heel, and great price all add up to a great high heel option. I’d rate these at a 4 on the uncomfortable scale with 10 being the most uncomfortable. While they do stay relatively comfortable for a while, they aren’t perfect and the leather material does rub your toes over time. But, if you’re looking for that versatile pair with a great price tag, I would definitely splurge on these as they are worth a buy!

What Do You Want To See Reviewed?

I plan to continue the search for the best possible high heel that won’t break the bank, but also provide lasting comfort and style. I’d love to hear what you want to see rated or if you have heard of that next “big thing” in high heel comfort, I wanna know about it. Until next time, keep your heels high and never settle for less than you deserve!

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