Cole Haan Grand Ambition Pump

Hello Ladies!! I got the amazing opportunity to try out these pumps while on a cruise to Croatia and Greece! So why not provide some photos with the amazing view from the balcony? Now ladies, if you haven’t yet been to either country, I highly recommend (well, not every city we stopped in, but at the very least Dubrovnik (holla GoT fans) and Oia, Santorini). Definitely ate/drank my fair share of food and alcohol while on that trip to the point that I’m surprised these heels were able to sustain my weight !😂 Ok ok, enough about that trip, I’m sure you only care to see about how these bad boys rated, yeah?

I decided to go with a different color than black this time since that’s no fun and a girl needs a pop of color/pattern in her life! These snake skin heels are great because they can go with almost any outfit. The pop of gold at the point of the shoe is also a very nice touch and makes these a bit more unique over the next high heel. I can tell these are made from very quality materials which makes you feel like the $180 price tag is worth it. You can tell our boy Cole (or however many other designers) really put thought into the design of this heel and made the inner lining smooth without being too slick. As we’ve seen with previous reviews, if the lining is too slick, it just causes more pain points with the toes as they’re jammed to the front of the heel as your feet sweat. Not fun!

While the material in these are smooth, there’s not as much sliding forward as the day goes on. That’s not to say that my toes didn’t start to bother me over time, but there was less jamming in the toe box area. Like the majority of high heels, the stiff/firm leathers they use don’t allow for breathability or stretch, so your toes are always going to be confined to the shape of the toe box and therefore cause soreness in the toes as your weight shifts forward. The one other nice thing is that these shoes have is a thicker sole with a bit of traction to help with slippage. You can tell from the first photo that the sole is about .5 cm thick and provides not only a bit more padding with each step, but tread that allows you to walk confidently.

Overall Rating

Ok, so there were a lot of things done right here, but they’re still not perfect (not that a perfect heel exists). With a score of 1 being the best and 10 being the worst, I’d give these a 4. As mentioned, my toes did start to get a little painful after an hour or so, but they weren’t killing me and the rest of my foot wasn’t in pain. Ladies, if you have bunions, these may be a bit more uncomfortable for you since the leather material is not very forgiving, but this also seems to be an ongoing trend with most high heel lines and therefore it makes complete sense why more women don’t wear high heels as much as they used to. I will say though, that there was definitely a lot of thought put into making these heels comfortable and are worth the money if you’re looking for something a bit more comfortable than the norm.

Feel Free to Reach Out!

Honestly ladies, let me know if there are any high heel brands you’d like to see reviewed here or other information you’d like to see discussed when I review a high heel. This blog is about allowing YOU to make informed decisions before buying that next pair of high heels; whether it be for a wedding, party, special event, or every day, let’s help each other weed out that bad high heel options so we only spend our money on what’s worth our hard-earned dollars! ✌😘

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