Jeffrey Campbell Pelara Pump

Women Unite!! Let’s start with how freaking awesome this shoe box is! It’s an homage to the old comic style, but is all about female superheroes and  women’s power! Ironic considering this is a male designer, but I’ll give him props for trying! All that should really matter is how the shoes FEEL, right?! I’ve mentioned on a previous post that the problem with high heels designed by men is that they may be beautiful, but they tend to lack in comfort considering they aren’t the ones trying them out, but I can see that Jeffrey did attempt to fix some of the issues typical high heels have (i.e. not enough cushion and very ridged materials). So let’s see how he really did…

First, I’ll say that I love the material on the outside. It’s not typical leather, but rather a sturdy fabric material that I can tell will help resist scratches and scuffs (maybe that’s what the “resist” comment means on the outside of the box?). The padding of the insole is pretty cushioning, but my first concern was the fact that the insole lining is slick/smooth, much like a previous shoe I reviewed. This material never lends well to sweaty feet and just causes your feet to scrunch more to the front of the shoe with every step.

Even with the cushion provided (which did tremendously help with the ball-of-foot pain), the smooth lining did cause my feet to slide forward as the day went on and I ended up with a sore big toe as it was shoved into the point of the shoe. It’s unfortunate because for the first half hour they had so much promise and seemed sooo comfy. Unfortunately, these fell short, much like the Antonia Saint NY shoe (although I will say they are slightly more comfortable). They have a very classic style which I love and can go with any outfit, but you definitely wouldn’t want to be stuck walking in them for hours.

Overall Rating

I’d give Jeffrey points for effort and the awesome box, but unfortunately, that’s not how this point system works. Sorry Jeff! To that end, I’d give these a 6 on the comfort scale. They are definitely more comfortable than the Antonia Saint NY shoes (which is actually surprising considering those shoes were made by not only a female designer, but with the help of a female podiatrist). Still not really sure what happened there since there was so much potential to be great, but I digress as we’re talking about Jeffrey Campbell this time (can you tell how disappointed I am in Antonia though? 😜). These Pelara heels are so close to hitting the mark, but there are still some tweaks needed to bring them to that next comfort level.

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