BCBG Laser Cut Knit Heel!

Ladies!! Happy Friday the 13th!! I thought, why not start off this harvest moon right with a new high heel?! I received a request to review the new Cole Haan Grand Ambition Pump which look like they have a lot of promise in the comfort department, but they haven’t hit the stores yet. I don’t know about you, but the whole ordering shoes online never seems to work out well for me because sizes vary and it’s always best if I can try them on in-person prior to buying them to make sure they fit right. So in the meantime, this week’s review will be on the BCBG Lazer Cut Knitted Pump. These have been one of my favorite heels in my closet and for the most part, my go-to when I know there could be a decent amount of walking throughout the day.

What makes them so comfortable you ask? Honestly, I believe that it’s the knitted material that allows for a little more stretch and breathability = greater comfort with longer wear. Now let’s remember, they’re still a high heel and definitely far from the comfort of a flat, but let’s just say that if you were stuck with these as your only pair of high heels, it’s not too shabby of a pair. The insole has a bit of padding as well that helps with ball-of-foot pain with a velvety texture so when your feet sweat, your foot isn’t constantly sliding forward in the shoe and cramming your toes (unlike a recently reviewed shoe – it’s called common sense designers)! Jeez, but we all know common sense is no longer common. πŸ™„

Aside from how they feel, this shoe is very elegant (well at least in my little ol’ opinion) and can be worn across a wide range of occasions. For those people that actually took the time to notice them, I do get compliments and what’s better than getting compliments on a pair of shoes that aren’t keeping you in crippling pain while you stand there smiling and nodding pretending that your feet don’t feel like they’re about to shatter into 1,000 pieces and all you can think about is the next place to sit? I feel like we’ve all been there, right?! Girl, I’m not about that life anymore!

The only downside to this review is that I’ve had these bad boys for a few years now and while I know they’re a little older, I felt like they were worth mentioning in case you come across them online. 😊 I don’t know that BCBG still has these in stores, but eBay or websites like Poshmark are always a girl’s best friend in situations like these. I purchased mine on sale at DSW for under $100 so if you do find them, they should be even cheaper now.

Overall Rating

So I’ve hyped these heels up a lot, right? But I realize that everything is relative. I could come across a pair of heels through this journey that are far more comfortable than these BCBGs, but until then, I give them a 4. To recap the rating scale: 1 = Zeus is my boy toy and angels kiss my feet as I walk and 10 = rather get an infection walking barefoot in NY than continue to walk in these shoes. I typically can wear these for about 5 hours or so (a combination of sitting and walking) without them completely starting to kill my feet. In high heel hours, that’s really not too bad. We all know that in some heels, 1 hour feels like 5 hours and we only wear those when we know we’ll be sitting most of the night. These are not those and you definitely have the ability to be out and about a lot more without having to reach for those Stuffles (a term I coined for those flats that you secretly stuff in your purse). Now I don’t know about a night of booty poppin’ on the dance floor all night, but if you’re doing your usual routine and getting in some rest breaks, these should do you good. I’m wearing these beauties this weekend as a matter of fact and as always, I know I won’t be disappointed.

Holla Holla

Please continue to let me know if you hear of other new or currently available high heels that you’ve been thinking of trying. I’d love to review ones that are at a reasonable price point so that if they do end up being amazing, all you lovely ladies can get a pair too! I’ve never been a huge splurger on high-end designer brands, and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I can’t justify spending near $1K for a pair of heels (or they’d literally have to be a -1 on my scale which would essentially mean they’re so comfortable it doesn’t even feel like I have feet anymore when I wear them). So let’s work together to continue to reveal the truth on the shoes that claim to be amazing, but are all hype! Until next time! XOXO

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