The Truth Revealed – Antonia Saint NY

Turn your wounds into wisdom – Oprah Winfrey

Ladies!! Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Parisa and I’ve started this blog to essentially do what Oprah has quoted: I plan to turn my wounds/pains (foot pain that is) into your wisdom by taking the guess work out of the next pair of high heels you plan to buy. If you are anything like me, you run a busy life – hard-working, trying to find time to eat right and work out, but also have that work-life balance by enjoying a decent social life. I feel like I’m always on the go and many times when I’m planning my days, I have to think ahead about my outfit and that includes my shoes! My car floor is full of shoe options just in case one pair starts to agitate me and I honestly feel like we shouldn’t have to do that, but since men seem to make most of the shoes we wear, we’re stuck with what looks good vs. what feels good. 😉 Here lies the dilemma!

I’ve been a sales rep in the diagnostics industry for the past 7 years, and as a rep, I’m expected to dress a certain way: typically uncomfortable high heels. Soooo let’s just say I’ve worn my fair share of high heels and as we know, some brands are far more painful than others. Wouldn’t you love to know how they’re gonna make you feel after an hour BEFORE you splurge on that next pair? Well that’s where I come in. I’ll feel them out for you and give you the real down low on how comfortable they really are.

Oh, Antonia! Really!?!

Today, I’m focusing on Antonia Saint NY; the high heel that claims to feel like a sneaker. Now if you’ve never heard of them, don’t worry because you aren’t missing much, but they were wildly successful on Kickstarter, raising over $1.8 Million. Not only this, but it was founded by a female entrepreneur and some help with the design by a female podiatrist! I thought, finally women making shoes for women! So naturally, I got excited when I saw that these were available for purchase, but real talk, they’re no better than some of the most painful high heels I’ve owned AND they cost $300!! And mind you, I bought the 2.0 version!

Here’s the problem, when you first put them on you think, “wow, these feel amazing”, but after 30 minutes of walking around, I was already reaching for my flats! The problem is the smooth lining in the shoe (see below image). The minute your feet sweat, your foot slides further forward and your toes become more cramped. Not only that, but the ball of the foot is not cushioned enough for long wear, so it’s a double whammy. They also claim to be very durable, but mine got scuffed from just wearing them around the house (how is that even possible?).

Overall Rating

Let’s lay some ground rules for the pain scale I’ll be using: 1 would mean the shoes are so comfortable that it’s as if I’m dating Zeus and walking through the clouds on a sunny day while little cloud angels kiss the bottom of my feet at every step (btw, pretty sure no shoe feels THAT great, but if so, girl, let me know!) and 10 means that instead of wearing those shoes, I’d rather walk barefoot through the streets of New York and take my chances on infection. That being said, I’d give Antonia Saint NY an 8/10 (not quite willing to go barefoot in NY, but considering it). For $300 I expected more, but unfortunately they did not come through on their promise of a sneaker-like feel (well, maybe for the first 5 minutes). Definitely don’t waste your money on these because it is all myth and no truth.

Holla @ Me!

While typically getting “hollered” at is the last thing any of us want, I’d love to hear about what high heels you’ve been considering buying or ones you’re just curious about because I WILL try them out and write about it here. My goal is to make your life easier and not waste money on shoes that will only gather dust in the closet (and trust me, I have way too many pairs of those). You don’t even know the number of shoes I have that I only wear if I know I’ll be sitting 90% of the night and that’s ridiculous. Let’s stop the cycle ladies and reveal the truth before we all spring for that next splurge purchase.

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  1. Leeann Barlow

    I just ordered my Antonia Saints and completely agree! They’re going right back!
    I was told that the Cole Haan Grand Ambition Pump is comfy but I haven’t tried it yet.
    Love your concept!

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